How to Sell Your House: A Guide for Your Kitchen and Bathrooms


How to Sell Your House: A Guide for Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

Are you trying to sell your house, but haven’t received the offer you want? Have you tried updating kitchen and bathrooms yet?


It’s true! A simple remodeling of your kitchen and bathroom can help you fetch higher offers, and close the deal much sooner.


In this article, we will shed light on some of the best kitchen and bathroom remodeling practices that are sure to get you the most bang for your buck.


Remodeling Your Kitchen

  • Keep the style and color scheme simple

When it comes to choosing an appropriate color for cabinets, backsplashes, floors, and appliances, it is highly recommended to stay neutral. No, you don’t necessarily need to stick to white. However, subdued and natural shades go well with the dynamic and lively atmosphere of a kitchen.

  • Avoid extremes

When you are renovating a kitchen solely for the purpose of selling your house easily, it is highly recommended to avoid going extremes. While splurging on exotic wood cabinetry might sound like a great idea for your own use, if you plan to ultimately sell it-- pass.

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be bland, but it is important to understand the subtle difference between broad appeal and specific taste.

  • Have clutter-free arrangement

If your kitchen feels a bit congested ,open it up a bit. Buyers love an open concept, and this simply step could really boost your home resale value.

  • Upgrade the wiring, fixtures, and hardware

Every kitchen has both water and appliances. This makes it prone to electrical hazards. To ensure a buyer’s home inspector doesn’t find any red flags, and to showcase that the house is completely in line with the safety requirements, it is highly recommended to upgrade the wiring, pipelines, fixtures and other hardware.

  • Add ‘wow’ features

You might not see this coming but adding simple features with the help of a licensed electrician can impress homebuyers. Introducing subtle lighting, like under-cabinet fixtures pendant lights can not only take your kitchen from outdated to modern, but also make your home stand out in a buyer’s mind when they’re trying to decide which home they like best..


Remodeling Your Bathroom

  • Freshen up the flooring

If the flooring of your bathroom is damaged, it is highly recommended to get it replaced with a more sturdy and robust flooring which could handle the everyday moisture and are also easy to clean.

If in doubt, you can choose to go for tile or engineered wood flooring.

  • Maximize the storage

Adding more storage space to your washroom makes it look big, which in turn, proves to be a solid selling point. The prospective home buyer might want to have a look at your bathroom cupboards to see how bid they are. Make it a point to keep them well-organized and do not fill them to the brim. This would create an illusion of a bigger area and would assist you in closing a better deal.

  • Clean thoroughly

No one wants to buy a house with dirty washrooms. Doing a thorough cleaning is one of those big impacts that you can achieve at almost no cost at all. Buyers are willing to spend more money to get something new, or close to ‘new’. Put your home in the running by giving it a good scrub.

  • Get the rewiring done to avoid safety issues

Ensure that your bathroom is ground fault circuit interrupter protected. This protects you from any electrocution by ground fault currents which normal circuit breakers do not provide effective protection against.


Additionally, make sure that lights, heat and exhaust fans are working properly. And to further spruce things up a bit, think about adding additional task or recess lighting in the space.. It is highly recommended to consult an electrician to get the best advice.


Tips To Keep In Mind While Getting the Remodeling Done

  • Invest money on the features that buyers really care about

Use your realtor as a resource. They have a pulse on the houses that are selling vs the houses that are sitting. Ask them what buyers or looking for, then prioritize the upgrades to make to your home.

  • Decide what to repair vs replace

While renovating a house solely for the purpose of reselling, it is essential to talk with your contractors and ask them to help you determine what items to repair vs replace. Share with them the budget you have in mind, and ask for different options. They’ll help you navigate the upgrades and assist you in adding the most value to your house.


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