How Brewery's like Starr Hill's rooftop brewery in Scott's Addition can go green


How Brewery's like Starr Hill's rooftop brewery in Scott's Addition can go green

As more companies work toward being environmentally friendly, they are also learning that going green is saving them money.


This leaves more money on the table to stash in the business savings account and invest back into the business. Going green comes with many advantages, including tax credits and even a bump up in branding. Below are a few ways breweries like Starr Hill can really win big by going green.


Reusable Products

One thing breweries can do is incorporate reusable products for customers. Company logos and/or motto can even be incorporated on the bags to promote the business.

Consumers are more likely to use green options that are given to them. Plus offering a reusable bag not only encourages customers to come again, but also helps spread the word about your brewery as they carry it around town.


Lower Utility Costs

Utility costs can be cut, sometimes in half, by changing out light fixtures to energy-efficient rated fixtures with LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs can last around 20 years, use less energy to work, and provide a purer source of light.


Tax Credits

There are tax credits that businesses can take when they make efforts to improve the local environment starting within the confines of its own walls. Tax credits can be taken for energy efficiency, reduced emissions, solar energy, and a few other green efforts. In fact, the Federal Investment Tax Credit for solar energy offered up to a 10% credit to assists business in going green.



Going green can make a brewery appear to be revolutionizing its industry with improved green standards, advanced green technology options, and reduced operations costs. It also can cause customers to be more loyal if they know you have features of your business that not only set you apart from the rest of the competition, but helps them be more green too.



Going green doesn’t just offer good PR. It can lower your operating costs and decrease the amount spent on energy and other consumables.


Even if you can’t afford a full-on environmental shift in your brewery, there’s room to start small. In fact, timing brews is a great way to get started.


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